Minnetonka High School Boys Soccer

fund raising

Traditionally, our players worked the Minnetonka community by walking door-to-door selling discount cards.  This was a highly successful way for us to raise a significant sum for our program.  The COVID-19 pandemic has not only ended that tradition, but it became the catalyst for a change in our fund raising approach.  Starting in 2020, we are adopting an entirely new approach.

We have established a new program based on what we call the Skipper App.  It is an application that resides on one's Apple or Google phone.  Once installed, the user can activate a GPS feature that shows the user every discount that is available in their present location.  The app also features a map that show the location of each vendor.  Vendors are being added on a continual basis, and there are hundreds and soon to be thousands of vendors participating.  The cost to each user is $30/year and is renewable.  Our team receives $20 for each app sold. 

There will be a fund-raising contest:  Players who sell the most app subscriptions will receive prizes. 

Stay tuned and check back here for more information as we roll out this program!

To purchase a 12-month membership, click here: MHS Boys Soccer Fund Raiser