Minnetonka High School Boys Soccer

fund raising

Traditionally, our players worked the Minnetonka community by walking door-to-door selling discount cards.  This was a highly successful way for us to raise a significant sum for our program.  The COVID-19 pandemic has not only ended that tradition, but it became the catalyst for a change in our fund raising approach. 

We have established a new program, as we have partnered with a company, Vertical Raise.  As tryouts end and players are selected to a team, each player will be given information about this program.  We will have a team meeting with all of our players on Photo Day - Please refer to your team schedule.  Information will be provided to each player, and our fund raising for this season will commence.

We hope to raise $20,000 this year.  The uses for these funds include equipment and field expenses, plus (for the first time) sponsorship of a scholarship fund for one or more of our Seniors.